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What is a court action?

A court action or default judgment is a ‘black mark’ that is recorded on our credit reports.

Usually we find if you have paid rates late, or body corporate fees, for example, they will enter a statement of claim.

Then if the statement of claim is not paid within a period of time, a default judgment or court action is then entered via the courts.

The court system syncs with the credit reporting agencies, so then this ‘bad debt’ is recorded on your credit report.

A court action is listed on our reports for 5 years from the date the judgment is entered via the court system.

Court Action Removals

With legal advice given by our partner law firm, Credit Fix Lawyers, we can help you remove any court actions listed on your individual or company credit reports.  No fee payable until we have received a successful outcome.  Fees start at $2,500 per removal with payment plans available.  No money payable upfront and payment plans available for our fee if we are successful. (6 months per Court Action removal).


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