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Unpaid Debt

Don’t worry if your default or court action is unpaid.  We work on the default removal and then you can attend to paying the debt, whether you choose to settle with them or go into a payment plan.

*N.B We do not offer financial advice. If you require financial advice or cannot afford our services, please go to www.moneysmart.gov.au for free financial advice.

Most times with court actions you will have to pay the full debt to the plaintiff’s Solicitor, but we are happy to get you the details so you can pay the debt and then help you remove the court action from your report with legal advice from our partner law firm, Credit Fix Lawyers.

We do not organise Part 9 Debt Agreements or any form of bankruptcy.

Whilst our negotiations are on foot, they are directly with the credit provider, and do not affect your credit report.


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