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Best credit repair service is so important, as your credit rating is your reputation.

Best credit repair service is our focus! Everyone’s credit report goes back at least 5 years, and it is your footprint in history as to where you’ve been for finance.

Best credit repair service requires skills.  At Credit Fix Solutions we know that our credit report is there for credit providers to assess us, to see whether they will offer finance or not.

Best credit repair service means knowing that our credit report is an integral part of the credit system, and without a credit report or credit history you may find it impossible to obtain finance.

If you have a problem with your credit report you need to engage the best credit repair service possible.

It can be difficult to maintain a good credit report, especially if you are a business owner or property investor, where there are many transactions going through your accounts at any one time, hence this affects your ability to obtain finance.

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Sometimes we have Accountants or book keepers looking after our accounts, and we may miss a repayment without even realizing.

This can mean a default or overdue mark on your credit report which can be difficult to remove which is where we come in, therefore, as the best credit repair service Australia wide!

Best credit repair service

Direct from the best credit repair service, here are 6 tips to rebuild your credit:

  1. Stop applying for finance for 6 months.

If you have been knocked back for finance because of enquiries, if you simply stop enquiring for 6 months this can get you back on track for the finance you want.

  1. Get an automatic check set up on your credit report

When you apply for your credit report, request that they update you if any activity happens on your file.

This way, if anything unexpected comes up you can deal with it straight away.

  1. Set up monthly Direct Debits on all your loans

Life is busy, and we all forget to do important things every day.

It’s vital that you set up direct debits for all your loans, and make sure you check that your income is going into the account itself, to make sure that you don’t miss any repayments.

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  1. Speak to your credit providers

If your credit provider rings you, and you miss the call, call them back!

The worst thing you can do in times of financial stress is to not pick up the phone, so speak to your credit provider and they may be able to offer you financial assistance.

  1. Use a trusted credit repair company

First of all, if you find you have a blemish against your name don’t just search up credit repair.

Ask your broker or finance people if they know of a good credit repair company, as often good credit repair companies get referred by word of mouth.

Usually a broker or accountant will know of a good credit repair specialist that you can deal with.

If you do have to search one up, make sure they don’t charge anything unless they are successful, or just use us, the best credit repair service in Australia!

  1. Use a local mortgage broker

Finally, don’t go from place to place enquiring about finance.

This is the worst thing you can do to your credit report as every time you apply for a loan, you are placing an enquiry on your report.

The more enquiries you have, the less chance you have of being approved.

Most importantly, make sure you source an accredited mortgage broker to help you to find the best loan for your needs, therefore eliminating the enquiry issue from your report.

If you are having problems obtaining finance, or before you even start looking, please contact a local accredited mortgage broker who will have many different loans that may suit your needs.

Best credit repair service – loan approved

At Credit Fix Solutions, if you need to fix your credit, we can help you, and we don’t charge unless we are successful.

That’s our No win No fee guarantee!!  We are the best credit repair service in Australia!!

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