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How I connected with over 15,000 relevant connections on LinkedIn

Networking is a critical part of lead generation for many businesses and consistency is the key when making connections on LinkedIn, according to Victoria Coster, author of From Zero to CEO.

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When I started my business from my son’s bedroom I hadn’t even started networking but I knew it was something that wouldn’t cost money, just time.

If you connect with 10 people a week at events, that’s 40 people you can potentially do business with every month.

That’s 120 people in the first three months.

This is how I grew my business!

I joined local business groups, created relationships, met with the same people on a regular basis.

Later, I turned my attention to online and largely LinkedIn.

I set myself a target to add at least 20 relevant people my LinkedIn profile every day.

I searched people who I thought would be interested in our services, and I added them.

Every day I added 20-40 people in the finance sector in Australia.

Sometimes I did this while queuing at the supermarket checkout.

Other times I did it watching crap on TV in the evenings.

It’s so easy, but the secret is to do this consistently, every day.

Then you send a private message to whoever connects and suggest you catch up for a coffee

(at their office, or a local coffee shop is fine) and start building a relationship.

I now have more than 15,000 relevant connections on LinkedIn!!

ALL relevant to our services at Credit Fix Solutions – and I started with ZERO.

There is no secret to building your connections.

Just consistently add people every day and then send them messages via LinkedIn to catch up.

Yes, consistency is the key when sending messages out on LinkedIn, keep connecting with 20 new people a day – don’t stop!

When you meet with people in person, make sure that you are adding value to their business or the meeting in general.

Also ensure that you start commenting and liking posts from your connections on LinkedIn and join relevant LinkedIn groups and start commenting and creating posts on a regular basis.

This will help establish yourself as a ‘go-to’ person in your industry.

It will keep you front of mind for your online audience.

On average, I get around two to five leads per week just from LinkedIn.

It’s taken me five years to grow my connections to 15,000 but it has been something that has really attributed to the success of my business.

Victoria Coster is the CEO of national credit repair company, Credit Fix Solutions and author of ‘From Zero to CEO’: Your Guide on starting a thriving business from home with no money!

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