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Credit Card Consolidation & great debt negotiation can save you thousands and fix your credit!

At Credit Fix Solutions, we pride ourselves in being the #1 Trusted Authority in credit repair in Australia.

We understand that sometimes people can overspend, and may need credit card consolidation or settlement.

We offer no win no fee credit card consolidation and settlement.

Many clients come to us with problems relating to their credit reports, mostly being small paid defaults.

These are stopping them from obtaining finance and needing a good credit card consolidation service.

We are also very experienced at helping people with debt negotiation.

Many Australians get themselves into too much debt.

It’s a common occurrence and is more prevalent in certain micro and macro economic conditions to require credit card consolidation.

It’s an uncertain world…

In an uncertain world, where we can’t even read the weather patterns anymore, let alone know where the banks or interest rates are headed.

It is imperative that we manage our debts effectively.

You may need personal loan or credit card consolidation even if you aren’t necessarily in financial hardship.

Credit Card Consolidation

If you are thinking of consolidating debts, I encourage all of you to seek advice from a great local finance broker.

Finance brokers often have a wide array of different lenders that they can refer you to, and their customer service is second to none.

Speak to an accredited finance broker!


Why go to a bank where you are just a number when a local broker will be your best friend for years to come!

However, if you would like to settle some debts, and pay them out, that’s where we can help you with our Debt Forgiveness Program.

Speak to a Consultant TODAY about credit card consolidation!

Without getting into financial advice areas, we can discuss your current debt with you over the phone.

We can help you to negotiate those debts down to settlement figures that may mean you could save thousands.

We have saved people up to 70% or more by settling debts on their behalf.

Many of our lovely clients panic when they get into a financial ‘mess’.

They hide their financial stress from family members and difficulties can end up in marriage break ups, mental health issues or sometimes worse.

It’s sad how often people think that bad debt management is like they’ve committed  a crime, when they just need to put their hand up and ask for help.

How we’ve helped:

When we’ve spoken to clients about debt issues, we try to be as understanding as we can.

Most of our team members have experienced hardship at one point or another so we really can empathize.

Bad debt management is NOT a crime!

What I would like to point out is that people who have over-extended themselves financially have NOT committed a crime.

And, by picking up the phone and calling us or calling a local finance broker or financial adviser, they have done the RIGHT THING by asking for help.

We need to stop hiding from debts.  The worst thing you can do is hide from your credit providers.

That’s where we can help.  So pick up the phone and call us TODAY on 1300 43 65 69 and ask about our Debt Forgiveness Program.

Credit Card Consolidation

Our team is dedicated and trained to help you to settle or negotiate debts, including unsecured personal loan and credit card consolidation or settlement.

By accepting you into our Debt Forgiveness Program, we could save you up to 70% of what  you currently owe!!

With no upfront fee!!

Don’t delay, stop paying interest for years to come, and get into our Debt Forgiveness Program today.

We look forward to hearing from you, and remember, pick up the phone and ask for help.

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