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Credit Repair Australia Video Explainer

In this credit repair video explainer, our CEO discusses the details of a recent successful case for one of our clients.

Credit repair can be a complex process and take several weeks to carry out. It’s not just about picking up the phone and asking for a black mark to be removed, although we have heard rare cases of this happening to consumers so well worth a try!

But if you get a no removal response, then a proper case needs to be carried out to see if a default can be removed.

That’s because a default should only be removed if listed in error. If you simply haven’t paid and have ignored the bills, then most likely a default has been listed correctly.

We have recorded many videos over the years and we hope that they help you with understanding your credit report. A lot of people are getting really focused on credit scoring as well.

Don’t think it’s just about your credit score.

Some people have high scores but still have a default or other negative data.

THAT’s the data that Lenders are interested in (that can get you auto-declined).

All the ads etc on tv and radio about ‘free credit scores’ is just confusing the heck out of most people.

It’s your data on your actual credit report that is key to getting finance approved OR getting knocked back.

Make sure you use a local accredited finance broker before you start applying for finance.

Did you know that enquiring yourself can damage your credit score as well??

Just a few credit enquiries in a few weeks could bring you down to a score where even a broker will find it hard to get you a decent interest rate.

We offer free assessments on credit reports, options for DIY credit repair that you can do yourself FOR FREE!!

At Credit Fix Solutions we believe in providing an honest and fair service, and we don’t charge fees until we have a good result (we do not put people into payment plans as soon as they call us!!).

Please be careful of credit repair companies taking money upfront EVEN IF they have a clear no result no fee policy.

Do you pay your accountant before he/she does your tax returns??

Watch the video below to hear about one of our amazing success stories for our client *Client ID 6326 for the records.

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