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Credit Repair Sydney Case Study

Credit Fix Solutions presents our most recent credit repair Sydney case study.

In June 2022, John contacted us to help improve his credit report.

His credit report presented with 1 default and 3 court actions.

John had been through a horrific divorce back in 2018 after his wife left him to go to the UK.

As such, he was left with all the bills and unable to manage.

Moving forward, John is now a successful business owner in Sydney.

He called us to see if we could help him with removing the 4 negative listings from his credit report.

John wished to grow his business as well as buy a property after being stuck in the rental market for years.

After a careful assessment, we agreed to take on John’s matters.

Watch the credit repair Sydney case study video!

By 4th August, we had agreement for the removal of all 4 listings from his credit report.

John was over the moon. He could now move forward with his wealth creation journey.

Whilst we waited for the report to be cleared, we also supplied John with a letter for his Lender.

In addition, he had been conditionally approved on business finance.

The Lender made contact to verify our letter.

The Lender advised our CEO that because we wrote that letter, and because he came to us for credit repair, they could now consider approving his loan.

Even if the listings were not quite cleared, we had written confirmation of the clearances and only awaited the credit report itself to be updated.

Credit repair Sydney case study outcome:

Not only did John get his finance approved, but we were able to get his life back on track.

That’s what we do at Credit Fix Solutions.

We help change lives!

We are happy to offer free assessments as well as free education.

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Please note if you are experiencing financial hardship, we cannot take on your case.

Please get in touch with the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007 or go to www.moneysmart.gov.au for tips.

*Names changed for privacy purposes. Case Study based on real client # 5542 at Credit Fix Solutions