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Credit Repair works.  As a credit repair specialist for 5 years now, I’ve seen thousands of credit reports, and helped fix most of them.

In most of these cases, I have been able to help fix credit scores, improve credit ratings and put a smile on people’s faces!

So why do so many people still hate credit repair?

Credit Repair Top Tip: The main reason is that a lot of credit repair places either do a crap job, or charge upfront. OR do both!

Our industry isn’t regulated, therefore meaning that there are no rules or level of service that we have to follow.

So any scoundrel can list themselves as a credit repair specialist, which is just terrible.

As a consumer advocate based industry, we pretty much have free reign to do as we please, and are only limited by our knowledge of the legislation that surrounds the credit reporting system.

So, I’m used to coming up against negative people when it comes to my industry and can totally understand their angst.

However, I am very proud of the work that we do at Credit Fix Solutions, we give 1100% on every single case, as do my staff.

We offer no win no fee credit repair

We do not charge any upfront fees, meaning if we don’t get a credit report cleared or improved, our clients don’t pay a cent!!

For more info go to https://www.creditfixsolutions.com.au/services/

In addition, once we fix a client’s credit, finance brokers are always prepared to get them the best loan possible, as all great mortgage brokers do!

Credit repair does work. How can I prove it? From success stories of course!

So here are a couple of recent success stories that I am sure will have you smiling:

Success story #1

Michael, an ex-soldier, having served Australia for several years, came out of service because of a bad bike accident.

Michael had to quit the services to our country and pursue a career in a different sector.

He chose finance, but, shockingly when Michael was looking at his credit report to get his broker’s licence, he had 4 defaults all listed by the same debt collector, for being late on payments.

What happened with credit repair?

Michael was defaulted whilst serving and protecting our beautiful country.

Worst of all, when we approached the debt collector to remove the defaults, they refused!

We took each case separately to the relevant Ombudsman service and fought hard to remove the defaults.

And guess what? They were ALL REMOVED!

For more success stories go to https://www.creditfixsolutions.com.au/testimonials/

Michael was able to get his mortgage broking licence, and very kindly now refers every single person he can to Credit Fix Solutions to have their credit repaired.

Michael says our company is now nominated to the armed forces for recommendations to other ex-soldiers who need help with their credit repair.

We offer ex-service men and women a special discounted rate!

Serving our country and getting defaulted! As if the servicemen and women don’t have a hard enough time as it is, coming out of service with no pensions.

It would be an absolute disgrace if the defaults had remained against Michael’s file and we did not stop until we had them removed!

Visit our website today https://www.creditfixsolutions.com.au/services/

Success Story #2

Fred had been a Director in a company several years ago. The company had shut down and closed and he had thought nothing of it for years.

Until late 2015 when he applied for a loan, and the bank turned him down because of 2 defaults against the company report.

But the company had been deregistered and he hadn’t been made aware of the finances as his financial counsel were looking after that side of the business for him.

How did we help?

The simple fact that he had been a Director, even though he hadn’t signed off on the finance relating to the defaults had connected him to the bad debts on the company report.

His counterparts had signed for 2 phone accounts for the business, so the business was defaulted. Without Fred even knowing about it.

Frustrated and angry, Fred called Credit Fix Solutions. He obtained a copy of the company credit report and we started work.

Both defaults were removed as they had been listed in error! And Fred was able to buy the property as originally planned.

Neither default had been his fault, but yet were still affecting his ability to obtain finance through the old company credit report.

Check out our great services https://www.creditfixsolutions.com.au/services/

Still don’t believe credit repair doesn’t work?

Well, give us a try! You won’t pay a cent unless we’re successful so what do you have to lose?

And if you get your credit report cleared you can then approach a great local mortgage broker to get your finance approved.

This COULD save thousands of dollars in getting a better interest rate.

At Credit Fix Solutions we promise if we don’t improve your credit report, it won’t cost you a thing. And our removal fees are the most reasonable in the market.

Go to Our Services for more information or call our friendly team on 1300 43 65 69.  Australia’s #1 Trusted Authority in Credit Repair.