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How to avoid dishonest credit repair clinics can save you thousands.  So you’ve found out you’ve got bad credit?  Or you simply applied to check your credit report and found out you have a default?

Don’t panic!!  But don’t just apply anywhere for credit repair!!

As in any industry there are dishonest companies, but in credit repair it is rampant.  Even the leading credit repair companies are getting away with upfront fees, poor service, weak investigations and slow turnaround times.

When shopping for a credit repair company, ask them the following questions to make sure they are honest:

  1. Do you charge upfront fees?
  2. Will you put an enquiry on my credit report?
  3. How long will the case take?
  4. How will you investigate the default?
  5. When do I have to pay you and how much?

The answers that you are looking for are:

  1. No we only charge you if we are successful.
  2. No, we ask you to supply a copy of your credit report or we will get you a free copy on your behalf.
  3. 4 to 6 weeks (in most cases).
  4. We run a complete and thorough investigation into the default listing directly with the credit provider.
  5. You pay us at the end once we confirm that the listing is off your credit report. If we don’t remove the listing, you don’t pay us a cent!

N.B  Be wary of credit repair companies who say they will do the credit check for you – this will place an enquiry by them on your credit report, so even if they do clear the default from your credit report, you’ll be questioned by the banks as to why you have been to a credit repair company, possibly jeopardizing your chances of getting your loan approved.  Need to check your credit report? Send us an email.

And the biggest LIE you must IGNORE?

You call a credit repair company and they seem to be really helpful.  They ask you all about the default listing and then say ‘We can definitely help you remove the default, you just need to accept the terms and conditions and pay us a fee upfront’… (They might put you on hold whilst you listen to some really fancy message and ‘legal crap’ that you don’t really understand – but hey – they’re supposed to be the experts right?????)….


This is THE biggest lie in credit repair.

Not even the best credit repair advocate knows if they can 100% remove a listing from your report (Not even me)…  And DO NOT ever let a credit repair company do a check on you upfront!  Get your own report and then approach a credit repair company.

At Credit Fix Solutions, we are a no win no fee credit repair service that guarantees the best investigation possible into the listings on your credit report and you can be confident that with our experience, knowledge and business awards under our belt that you are in safe hands.

We do not put enquiries on your name, and will either get a credit report from you or order one on your behalf, leaving no trace of credit repair against your name.  Call 1300 43 65 69 today to find out more or send us an email.  And please avoid dishonest credit repair clinics or companies.


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