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At Credit Fix Solutions, we’ve helped thousands of Australians to fix or improve their credit scores since 2014.

Your credit score is an important part of your credit report.

Also, it can dictate whether or not you get approved for finance with Lenders. Subject to other Ts and Cs of course!

Lots of people come to us asking ‘How do I fix my score’ when all they have wrong with their reports is a few missed repayments.

Repayment history information is now being reported on our credit reports for 24 months.

That’s for our home loans, personal loans, credit cards and any other consumer loan we have.

It never used to be the case that we had our payment history recorded on our credit reports.

So, as long as we have 6 months most recent statements all in good order, it seems that Lenders were happy with that.

However, since repayments are now recorded, Lenders are seeing all the way back to 2 years ago!

And with COVID, floods and fires affecting many families across the country, a lot of Australians now face difficulties with getting finance approved, just because of a few missed payments.

How do I fix my score is a really good question.

But how do I start to fix my score?

Who do I contact to fix my score?

Over the past 2 years, we’ve tried helping people to amend missed payments on their credit reports.

But we haven’t had much success.

So, instead, we’ve shared a process that you can follow, to try to get your Lender to amend missed payments on your credit report, yourself, for free!

Check out this latest educational top tip video on fix my score!

fix my score

Banks only have to amend missed payments if they have made a clear error.

We can only take a formal complaint to a Lender if we feel we have legal grounds.

It goes against our credit licence to take a pleading case to a Lender if there is no clear error.

BUT, this doesn’t mean that you can’t give it a go!

As a suggestion you can send your case to each bank, find their customer service email.

Subject Line: Complaint Please Resolve NAME ACC NUMBER

Body of email: Write your complaint out as best as possible asking for them to respond within 30 days as per IDR guidelines.

Attach the credit report.

They may consider amending the missed payments as a goodwill gesture.

If you like, jump on our website and complete the contact form.

We will email you our Credit Reporting Essentials Guide which contains everything you need to know on credit reporting.

1. How to get your credit reports
2. What are the correct websites for your reports
3. How to Read your credit reports
4. How to fix things yourself

We wish you all the best on your wealth creation journey and I hope this video is helpful.

Victoria Coster

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