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Credit Reporting is now more complex in Australia.

You now all have credit scores, for instance.

And lenders are reporting 24 months of repayment history information.

On top of that, there are three different credit reporting bodies in Australia.

At Credit Fix Solutions | Credit Fix Lawyers, we understand the stress this can cause.

We have FREE eBook guides on credit reporting for you to access today!

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One eBook is for consumers and the other is for small business owners.

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  •  Learn what exactly is in your credit report(s); and
  •  Learn how to get your free credit reports
  •  Educate yourself on how to protect your credit report and score
  •  Fix your credit report yourself for free!
  •  Read our case studies on credit repair



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So, whether you’ve been affected financially by COVID-19 or not.

It’s so important that you understand credit reporting.

Educate yourself and your family today!

And protect your future credit report footprint!

Our team wishes you all the best with your financial future and we look forward to hearing from you.

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