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Can you pay to clear your credit

How can you pay to clear your credit?
Case Study:
John and Alice had a credit card with Bankwest.
They had some financial difficulties as John lost his job.
He couldn’t find employment for several months and they fell behind with repayments.
Unfortunately, the bank defaulted John due to non-payment.

Fortunately, John then found new employment and caught up with the arrears on the card and they were up to date.
Alice was worried about their credit.

So she asked her finance broker, can you pay to clear your credit?
Her finance broker referrer her to us, and we answered the following question:

Can you pay to clear your credit?

NO! Just because you pay your debt, doesn’t mean you clear your credit.
This a hugely common misconception across Australia.

Contact a credit repair specialist today!
We are asked daily, ‘Can you pay to clear your credit?’.
Many new clients call, and say, ‘But I paid the debt, and the default is still on my report!’.
And whilst we understand that it’s fantastic that you’ve paid the debt.
If you have paid the debt late, then just because you catch up later, does not mean that the default will be removed from your name.
In fact, the default will remain for 5 years, REGARDLESS of whether you have paid OR NOT!

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The only way you can remove a default is to prove that it was listed in error.

Are you unsure about what is on your credit report?

can you pay to clear your credit
Follow these simple steps:
1. Get a copy of your credit report for free (LINK) and find out about your credit report.
2. Do not trust any company that promises ‘yes’ to can you pay to clear your credit.
3. Do not give any company money upfront for credit repair, unless a reputable company has referred you.

So whilst the answer is NO to can you pay to clear your credit, you can ask a credit repair company to try to investigate your report.

At Credit Fix Solutions we offer no win no fee credit repair.

We promise in 99% of cases we do not charge anything upfront.

Send us an email today to find out more about your credit score.

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