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Spring is here! It’s time for a spring clean!







With Spring on the horizon in Australia, it could be time to spring clean your credit report.

And as many of us are still in lockdown, what better way to spend an evening!

This article can help you with steps to spring clean your credit report.

How to get started

  1. Grab a copy of your credit report from Equifax, Illion and/or Experian.
  2. Have a read through of your report.
  3. Does your credit report confuse you?
  4. Learn about your reports with our free eBook (click here to download a copy).
  5. Is there any data on your report that seems odd or incorrect?
  6. Lodge a dispute to the credit provider directly
  7. Allow them 30 to 45 days to investigate your complaint

Hopefully that helps you to spring clean your credit report and as a result fix your credit!

Some more top tips

24 months repayment history information is now being reported on your credit report.

If you’ve been late with payments, these could be listed on your report.

Loans like mortgages, credit cards and personal loans are now recorded.

Missed repayments can affect your credit score and report.

They can also affect your ability to access the best interest rates.

Too many enquiries can also bring down the credit score.

And, in turn they could affect you getting a loan.

Speak to a local accredited finance broker before you apply for finance.

They can help with mortgages, personal loans and vehicle/business finance.

And lastly, a shameless plug for us!

If you’re still stuck with your credit report, contact us here

We offer free consultations on credit reports.

Happy spring cleaning!!

  • This article is not financial advice. Please go to www.moneysmart.gov.au for finance tips.
  • Contact the National Debt Helpline for help on 1800 007 007