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5 Easy Steps to Clean up your Credit Report

Hi everyone, Victoria here, CEO and Founder of Credit Fix Solutions and I have some great credit repair advice here for you.

And today I’d like to talk about:

5 Easy Steps to Clean up your Credit Report!

(Check out the video below if you’d rather listen than read – it will take you to our YouTube channel).
N.B The subtitle sentence ‘Data does not have to be removed if it isn’t correct’ isn’t correct (LOL).
It should read ‘Data does not have to be removed if it IS correct.

And I just wanted to raise a couple of really important points.
At the moment, due to interest rates, and the cost of living,
We are seeing a lot more consumers affected by missing payments.
Or secondly, too many enquiries, in some desperate attempt to go and
seek finance as needed straight away.

You can do some things yourself.

Number 1

Go and get a copy of your credit report.
Now there are multiple credit reporting agencies in Australia.
There is Equifax, Illion, Experian, and if you have a company as well, you’ll also need to go and grab a copy of your company report with CreditorWatch.
That gets a little bit confusing.
We do have a comprehensive guide on credit reporting so please reach out to get a copy of that.

Number 2

You want to read your reports properly.
Now that being said, we probably read about 50 reports per day, so easier said than done.
If you need help READING your reports, we offer FREE ASSESSMENTS.

Number 3

You want to HIGHLIGHT any data on your reports that you don’t think is valid.
That way you know what you need to do moving forward to try and clear that data from your report.
That IN TURN will help improve your credit report.

Number 4

Now you want to get in touch with your credit providers directly and ask them to file a complaint for you, so you can remove or amend the negative data that’s pulling your score down on your credit report.
You need to give them 30 days under The Privacy Act to run that complaint for you.

Number 5

Make sure you keep following them up to make sure that they have amended the file, if in fact the data is not correct.
Data does not have to be removed if it is correct.
We can help with cases where it’s complex.
So please feel free to get in touch.
We do offer FREE assessments.
And you don’t pay any upfront fees (for default and court action removals).

So, unless we are successful in removing negative data from your file, you do not pay any invoices to us.

Thanks for listening and have a great day.

If you are currently experiencing hardship we cannot assist you. Please call the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007.

You can get budgeting tips etc. from www.moneysmart.gov.au

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