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How to Get a Good Credit Score!!

In this article, we give you tips on how to get a good credit score as fast as possible!

The faster you can get a good credit score, the better.

The sooner you can prove that you are trustworthy to lenders, the more opportunity and financial freedom you will have.

The first step on how to get a good credit score:
  1. Get your credit reports from all three of the big reporting agencies:

– Equifax www.mycreditfile.com.au

– Illion www.illion.com.au

– Experian www.experian.com.au

2. DO NOT use free credit scoring sites. These are not credit reporting bureaus.

It’s the credit reporting bureau that Lenders are checking with before approving your loans.

Once you have your reports:

Make sure that there are no errors or mistakes on your report before taking any steps.

If there are mistakes on your reports, dispute them with each agency so they will be removed permanently from your report.

Each bureau (agency) offers free correction requests via their websites and how to get a good credit score.

3. Next, pay off any outstanding collections or judgment debts.

These items will stay on your record for seven years from when they were first recorded if they aren’t paid in full by then.

They also tend to have a serious impact on how lenders view you, so it’s important to get these sorted out.

4. Do you need financial advice?
5. Are you currently in financial hardship?

Please contact Money Smart at www.moneysmart.gov.au for free financial advice.

6. Are you confused by your credit reports?

Our team offer free assessments of your reports.

We have 8 years experience in evaluating reports.

Our team has assessed thousands of credit reports since 2013.

We can educate you about your report and score.

We can let you know ideas on how you could improve your report and score moving forward.

N.B Don’t forget to use a local accredited finance broker before you apply for finance.

Just because you’ve banked somewhere for years doesn’t mean your Lender will approve finance.

You can contact us here for your free eBook on credit reporting. Use the contact form on the home page!

Wishing you all the best with your credit score!!

The team at Credit Fix Solutions

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