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Hello everyone! Victoria from Credit Fix Solutions is here with another great success story. This time, we’re celebrating the success of our client with ID 7058.

Our client came to us with a frustrating issue that had been ongoing for several months. They were in a dispute with a phone company regarding the validity of a default on their credit report and the debt itself. Despite persistent efforts, they found themselves paying the debt twice because the phone company had mistakenly sold the debt to a debt collector. The phone company then refused to assist, stating that the debt had been transferred, and they were no longer responsible. This left our client in a difficult position, unable to get a resolution and with their complaints falling on deaf ears.

Frustrated and feeling stuck, our client discussed the situation with their finance broker, friends, and family. Through their finance broker, they were introduced to us at Credit Fix Solutions. They had already spent months trying to resolve this issue on their own, but it was clear they needed professional help to navigate the complexities of credit disputes. This is where our expertise and experience come into play. At Credit Fix Solutions, we have over 10 years of experience in removing defaults and court actions from people’s credit reports. We understand the legislation, have the right contacts, and know the system inside and out.

Our team got to work immediately. Within a few short weeks, we managed to remove the default from our client’s credit report. We also tracked down the debt, which had been sent to a random debt collector, and successfully got it back and cancelled. This was a significant victory, as it meant the credit report was cleared of the erroneous default, and the debt was eliminated.

Their credit score saw a dramatic improvement, soaring from a low 253 to an impressive 922. This remarkable increase in the credit score allowed them to secure the car loan they desperately needed to get to work. The relief and joy they experienced were immense, as they could now move forward without the burden of a damaged credit report holding them back.

If you find yourself in a similar situation or have any questions about your credit report or the credit repair services we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We offer a range of services, including free credit reporting assessments, DIY options, and educational materials to help you understand and improve your credit report. It’s essential not only to fix current issues but also to protect your credit score for future financial needs. Knowing how to maintain a good credit score can save you a lot of trouble and ensure you are in a strong financial position when you need it most.

Stay informed, protect your credit score, and ensure a financially secure future! If you have any questions, reach out to us. The email is provided at the end of this video. Flick us a quick email for a free credit reporting assessment, free DIY options, and free educational materials that we can send out to you. This way, you can understand not only what your credit report looks like now but also how you can improve it and protect it moving forward. It’s important that we don’t get stuck in the moment of needing something fixed; we need to understand what to do moving forward to protect our credit scores. This ensures that in three or four years’ time, when we’re looking to get another finance deal across the line, our credit report and score will be in a good place.