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Credit Repair in Australia is a popular but often controversial topic.

Many credit repair companies are asking for upfront fees.

However, fixing a credit report is never guaranteed.

Also, the credit repair industry is NOT regulated in Australia.

This means anyone could put up a basic website, and promise to help fix a credit report.

As a consumer, you have options to try to fix your credit yourself.

Your Options for DIY Credit Repair

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Basic options include contacting your credit provider to lodge a complaint, and/or lodging a correction request to the relevant credit reporting agency.

However, it’s not as easy as calling up the Lender and asking them to remove a negative listing.

A credit report can only be amended if a listing has been listed in error.

That error has to be as per the current Australian Legislation.

It’s a bit like trying to fix your car yourself.

You can try, you can google, but if you know nothing about cars the job won’t be easy.

What other options do I have?

Our law firm, Credit Fix Lawyers, are experts in the legislation that surrounds credit reporting.

We have run thousands of credit repair cases, and removed thousands of black marks.

Many consumers use a credit repair specialist.

This is because they know what they’re doing.

At Credit Fix Solutions and Credit Fix Lawyers, we offer No Result No Fee Credit Repair work.

That means our clients do not pay us anything in most cases unless we can get a successful result.

And you have the comfort of a law firm looking after your credit repair case.

So, give it a go yourself, also contact us today (via our home page HERE) for your free eBook on comprehensive credit reporting.

We offer free assessments on credit reports.

Also, we won’t take on your case unless we feel you have a great chance of success.

It takes our lawyers and our company several weeks to try to fix a credit report.

We work at a cost until such time we are paid.

So rest assured you are in good hands if you send us an enquiry.

National Scenarios Hotline: 1300 43 65 69

e: info@creditfixsolutions.com.au