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Do you have a bad credit score?

Maybe you need to fix your credit fast?

Therefore, you should be looking into options for credit repair.

You do have the option of trying to fix your credit fast yourself.

However, that is going to depend on:

  1. Do you have the time to run a complaint?
  2. Do you have the knowledge to argue with a credit provider?

How defaults are removed, is due to them being proven to be listed in error.

Some people think if they’ve paid the debt, that the default needs to be removed.

That’s simply not true.

And we’ve been doing credit repair across Australia for thousands of families since 2014.

So we know what we’re talking about!

Credit repair has a bit of a tarnished reputation.

And, we understand why.

When Credit Fix Solutions was created nearly a decade ago, all credit repair firms charged upfront.

And some were charging non-refundable upfront fees.

Now we created Credit Fix Solutions with a promise to only charge for fixing a report, once we had a successful result.

This has provided Australians with an honest and fair credit repair service in Australia.

If you need to fix your credit fast, you will need to lodge a written complaint to the credit provider, or phone company etc and chase them up.

What we do as a credit repair specialist, is go to each credit provider who has listed a default against you, for example.

We load our authority to act on your behalf.

Then, we request all the documents on the account leading up to the time that the default was listed.

Our CEO, Victoria Coster, then personally goes into written negotiations for each client.

Victoria specialises in the legislation that is needed to investigate the validity of a default.

We also have our law firm, Credit Fix Lawyers, to handle more difficult cases and court action removals.

Again no upfront fees are taken, we do not hold funds in trust.

And default removal fees as low as $1100 (you only pay once we are successful otherwise you don’t pay a cent).

Can you really fix your credit fast?

Don’t listen to other firms who may tell you it just takes 2 weeks to fix your file.

They are simply ‘hard selling’ you to get you on board because they know you’re stressed!

Credit repair takes 3 to 8 weeks. That’s the honest truth!

It’s not just as simple as picking up the phone and requesting a black mark to be removed.

Here’s case study for one of our recent client.

We did manage to remove a telco default in 3 weeks!

Client ID 6315 for the record.

Click on the image below to access the case study, recorded by our CEO, Victoria Coster, in Sydney on 2/5/2023.

fix your credit fast


So yes, you can fix your credit fast, but it is not an overnight task.

We have a decade of experience in credit repair, and therefore, we can help you if you get stuck.

Should you be experiencing financial hardship, we cannot help you we’re sorry.

Please call The National Debt Helpline if you are experiencing financial difficulties on 1800 007 007.

You can also get finance tips from MoneySmart at www.moneysmart.gov.au

We will only onboard you as a client if it is beneficial for you to spend money on credit repair.

You can fill in the contact form on the homepage HERE or email your credit report to the assessments team at sales@creditfixsolutions.com.au

We look forward to helping!